How to Choose the Best Window Locks

How to Choose the Best Window Locks

3 Factors Which Can Impact the Performance of Bomb Detection Dogs

Donald Lopez

If you are planning a large public event, bomb detection dogs can provide an additional level of security. When deploying detection dogs, it is essential that you are aware of factors which could impact on the animal's ability to detect bombs or other explosive material. Below is a guide to some of the things you should be aware of.

The length of the search

Before you deploy a search dog, you should consider how long the search may take. Conducting a search of a large building or area can take an extended period of time. Studies have found that a dog can only search for around 20 minutes before it becomes tired. If you deploy a search dog for longer than 20 minutes, its performance may decline. To avoid this, you should ensure that dogs and their handlers are given frequent breaks during a lengthy search.

The temperature

When planning your search operation, it is vital that you take into account the temperature in the area you plan to sweep. High temperatures can shorten the time that a bomb dog can search for before it becomes tired. On a hot day, it is essential that dogs are given frequent rest breaks in the shade and plenty of water. If you are searching indoors, you should be aware of the fact that confined spaces such as those near boilers or heating pipes may have a higher air temperature than the rest of the building. If you plan to send a dog into these areas, its energy levels and performance should be closely monitored.

The wind conditions

When searching for explosives in an outdoor area, you should carefully consider the direction and strength of the wind. The wind will carry the scent of explosives with it. If the wind is blowing away from the search area, it could severely impact the dog's ability to detect explosives. To avoid this issue and increase the chance of successful explosives detection, you should always ensure that the dog is walking into the wind. You may also wish to extend the search area so it includes ground which is downwind of the zone in which the event will be taking place. Doing so will ensure that any scent of explosives blowing away from the event staging will be detected.

If you would like to find out more information about deploying explosives search dogs, you should make contact with a security company today.


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